About Us

At Live The Story, we are firm believers that good stories maintain an advanced ability to capture our minds, our hearts, and our imaginations. We become immersed within the spaces of each world when we finally find a good story – and it all starts with language. Thanks to modern technology, Live The Story takes the conventional abilities of a story and pushes them to a new level – one focused on engagement, interaction, and imagination.

Our job is to guide children as they develop their literacy abilities, and by ensuring that we can meet the needs of every last child regardless of their preferred learning style, we are helping to foster a greater love for learning and reading each and every day.

Live The Story has been specifically designed to bring families together to share in a memorable moment around a story, something that books have always done, but experience it in a more engaging and interactive manner than ever thought possible. We want to help our readers revisit some of their favorite pieces of literature, and also find new stories that they can share throughout their family for generations.

A child’s passion for reading and learning come from their parents, their teachers, their caregivers, and their siblings, but the lifetime of benefits that are sure to follow are priceless. With Live The Story, we’ve given you the tools, now it’s up to you to execute.