At Live The Story, we’re changing what it means to experience a story.

With us, you don’t just read it – you live it.

Telling A Story In More Ways Than One

Technology That Guides You Every Step of The Way

As you and your children unlock the magic of each story, invisible technology works to follow along and set your child’s imagination free with each phrase.

Interactive Sounds, Visual Avatars, & Newly Scored Musical Compositions

Embrace a redesigned musical score, sounds, and illustrations as you read along with your child. Without forgetting the mood and tone that made your favorite classic pieces of literature special. rase.

Equipped With Smart Technology To Help You Maintain A Cadence

Regardless of your reading style, your pace, or if you want to skip ahead or return back to your child’s favorite part in the story, the smart system helps to ensure that the sounds and avatars remain in sync with your tempo.